Monday, March 16, 2009

Half Way


My bags are packed and I'm ready to go... to the next leg of my journey. I'm well-equipped for the 9 hours of driving time between my sister's place and my parents': I've got trail mix from Colleen, some good tunes from Sarah, and one last hug from Liz.

I'm sad to see my month in Chicago end, but it's been so rich and full that I leave with no regrets. My extension of 2 extra days here was a great decision because it gave me a little extra time with Kim, SB, AND Liz and her community in La Villita. The weather was nice enough on Saturday that we got to take a walk in the forest preserve near her house, which was one of our traditions when we lived together in college. As we walked we remembered the last time we did this--the day before her wedding. A lot has changed since then, but how great to still be able to get back together and not miss a beat.

SB and I met up with her friends Saturday night at their favorite neighborhood pub, The Firkin. We sat around discussing love, men, and life. :) And we felt the freedom to be loud and ourselves in the St. Patrick's Day festive atmosphere. It was great.

On Sunday Liz and I returned to La Villita together for a day of celebrating God's work in the members of the church and their community. They've been intentionally fasting and praying for a deeper walk with God, and yesterday was dedicated to telling about what He's doing. It was amazing to hear about his faithfulness.

Well, time to pack up the car and head out...

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